Vertical Surface Grinding Machine

Vertical Surface Grinding Machine Details

Hydraulic Table Travel Vertical Surface Grinding Machine with milling a unique solution for cast-iron & aluminum which comes Variable Speed Motor Fast Rapid head Travel.

Standard Equipments
Model MB 1000
Parallel Block
Grinding Wheel Dresser

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Model M-1000 M-1350
Segment Wheel Size mm 350 375
Length mm 950 1300
Table Width mm 300 360
Grind Wheel Motor HP 5Hp(Variable) 7.5Hp(Variable)
Hydraulic Motor HP 1.0 1.0
Rapid Feed Motor HP 0.5 0.5
Coolant Pump Motor HP 0.08 0.08
Length x Width x Height HP 2800*1000*2000 3200*1200*2000
Machine Weight (Approx) HP 2200 3000

Note :

  • In View of the Compacting Committment To Innovation And Constsnt Product Upgradation, Product Design And Specification Are Subject To Change Without Prior Notice.

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