Vertical Hydraulic Honing Machine

Vertical Hydraulic Honing Machine Details

          Vertical Hydraulik Honing machine is variable spindle & strok, you can hone the bore with any angle of hacth.

         LCD Display is the Friendly Feature for the Quick Identification of The Vertical Hydraulik Honing speedsDuo posse fierent ex, ut eos quando dicant, an quo aliquam impedit minimum.

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Model VHM-350
Minimum Honing Diameter 50mm.
Maximum Honing Diameter 150mm.
Honing Speed (With Inverter) Step less 0 - 250 RPM.
Stork Speed 0.5 - 14 Mtrs. / Min.
Honing Stroke 350 mm.
Working Space of Table 550 mm x 1150 mm.
Gross Wight 990 Kg.
Standerd Equipment
Honing Head 2.7 to 5.5 Inches 1 Set
Set of Parallets 100 mm 1 Pair
T-Bolt with Nut 4 Nos.

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  • In View of the Compacting Committment To Innovation And Constsnt Product Upgradation, Product Design And Specification Are Subject To Change Without Prior Notice.

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